Stop Foreclosure Inland Empire.

Stop Foreclosure Inland Empire

Stop Foreclosure Inland Empire.

Stop Foreclosure Inland Empire

Stop Foreclosure Inland Empire

Stop Foreclosure Inland Empire

Many people avoid calling their lender to Stop Foreclosure when they have money troubles. Most of us are embarrassed to discuss our money problems with others or believe that if lenders know we are in trouble, they will rush to collection or foreclosure.

This is not true. When I have had money problems in the past it was embarrassing and I took a real hit on my ego. But my Mom always taught me to face my problems. If you do not, they turn into monsters real fast. Most all of the companies that I had problems with in the past were more than helpful and did all they could to help.

Foreclosure is expensive for lenders, mortgage insurers and investors. HUD/FHA, as well as private mortgage insurance companies and investors like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, require lenders to work aggressively to Stop Foreclosure with borrowers who are facing money problems.

Lenders have workout options to help you keep your home. However, these options work best when your loan is only one or two payments behind. The farther behind you are on your payments, the fewer options are available.

Do not assume that your mortgage problem will quickly correct itself. Don’t lose valuable time to Stop Foreclosure by being overly optimistic. Contact your mortgage lender to discuss your circumstances as soon as you realize that you are unable to make your payments. While there is no guarantee that any particular relief will be given, most lenders are willing to explore every possible option.

FINDING YOUR LENDER to Stop Foreclosure Inland Empire

Stop Foreclosure Inland Empire

Stop Foreclosure Inland Empire



To stop foreclosure, check the following sources for lender contact information:

  • –       Your monthly mortgage billing statement
  • –       Your payment coupon book
  • –       Search the web
  • –       Directory assistance or phone book.

Information To Have Ready When You Call:


To help you Stop Foreclosure Inland Empire lenders typically need to HAVE:

  • –       Your loan account number
  • –       A brief explanation of your circumstances
  • –       Recent income documents such as pay stubs, Social Security benefits statements, disability, unemployment, retirement, or public assistance. If you are self-employed, have your tax returns or a year-to-date profit and loss statement from your business available for reference)
  • –       List of household expenses

Expect to have more than one phone conversation with your lender to stop foreclosure. Typically, your lender will mail you a “loan workout” package. This package contains information, forms and instructions. If you want to be considered for assistance, you must complete the forms and return them to your lender quickly. The completed package will be reviewed before the lender talks about a solution with you.

Do Not Ignore Mail or Phone Calls From Your Lender if you want to Stop Foreclosure Inland Empire

Stop Foreclosure Inland Empire

Stop Foreclosure Inland Empire


Your lender will try to contact you by mail and phone soon after you stop making payments. It is very important that you respond to the mail and the phone calls offering help. If your lender does not hear from you they will be required to start legal action leading to foreclosure. This will substantially increase the cost of bringing your loan current. Do not ignore contact from your lender.

Avoiding Foreclosure: When a Lender Won’t Work with You.

You’ve done all your homework, explored workout options, talked to a housing counselor and tried to talk to your lender. But, the lender won’t work with you. What do you do now?

For an FHA-insured loan
Your lender has to follow FHA servicing guidelines and regulations for FHA-insured loans. If your lender is not cooperative, contact FHA’s National Servicing Center toll free at (877) 622-8525,or via email. Whether by phone or email, be prepared to provide the full name(s) of all persons listed on the mortgage loan and the full address of the property including city, state and zip. We may be able to help you more quickly if you can also provide your 13-digit FHA case number from the loan settlement statement.

For a VA-insured loan
First, visit the VA Foreclosure Alternatives page. If you need assistance or have additional questions, talk to a Loan Service Representative.

For conventional loans
If you have a conventional loan, first talk to a HUD-approved housing counselor at (800) 569-4287. They may be able to help you with your lender. You can also contact HOPE NOW or call the Homeowners Hope Hotline at (888) 995-HOPE to ask for assistance in working with your lender.

 Other Good sites to stop foreclosure.

 Inland Empire

Stop Foreclosure Inland Empire

Let Way Ya Go LLC. Help You Out of Foreclosure.

If you owe more on your home or investment property than it’s worth and can no longer afford the payments, you’ve got options and this site provides fast and easy access to all sorts of free tools, information, and resources, including HUD-certified counselors who will assist you in exploring your options for free.

Whether you seek to modify your loan in order to keep your property or wish to speak with a short sale adviser about avoiding foreclosure by selling your home for less than is owed, you’ll find information here that will help you immensely.

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