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Private Money Investors

Private Money Investors. When we have an opening that matches our criteria, you will be lined up with a short term high yield investment of 6 to 12 months or another profitable plan. Your investment is secured by a first on the title of the property. And when the property is sold, you will receive a High, Secure Return on your investment. Then if you are satisfied with the results, maybe we can do it all over again.

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Rental Cash Flow.

Rental Cash Flow. Once the project is completed, we give the investor the opportunity to purchase the property at a discounted price of the agreed ARV. or sell it to a investor who would like to put it in his retirement portfolio and have a moderate to high Rental Cash Flow coming in.

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Stop Foreclosure.

Stop Foreclosure. We provide help and information to possibly keeping your home from going into foreclosure. Many good people often have gotten in over their heads on the mortgage for their homes. Or through some unforeseen situation they can no longer keep up their payments to the mortgage institution and needs to stop foreclosure from ruining their credit.

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